We propose the enlargement and transformation of NATO into a World Security Community open to all democratic nations.

This new alliance, defined by principles not geography, would have a global mission, first to guarantee the security and freedom of all its members, and then to act as their security and peacekeeping arm in the wider world, under the aegis of the UN. The Community and the UN together would make up a greatly strengthened and more effective system of common security and international governance. These changes would consolidate and defend the hard won democratic and human rights gains of people all around the world – gains currently threatened by rising authoritarianism.



A World Security Community of Democratic Nations

Global problems need global solutions. A democratic world federation, or global parliament, would offer an effective structure to deal with the critical global problems which confront us. We propose a first step towards that objective, following the template established in Europe.

We propose the transformation of NATO into a World Security Community (WSC) with a global mission, first to guarantee the security and freedom of all its members, and then to act as their peacebuilding and peacekeeping arm in the wider world, under the aegis of the UN. It should be opened to membership from any nation in the world meeting a set of agreed criteria to qualify as a democracy. Its structure and procedures should be reformed to provide the nucleus for a stronger and more democratic system of global governance in the future. It should establish new mechanisms for preventing conflict and reconstructing failed states, in collaboration with the new Peacebuilding Commission at the UN.

Acting strictly in conjunction with the Security Council, the new Community would form a powerful new force for peace and security in the world, and a bright new hope for the future. In the long run, the WSC could evolve stage by stage towards a fully democratic and universal world federation.



A/Prof Chris Hamer PRESIDENT
Brian Hyouk Son SECRETARY

The Coalition is incorporated in the District of Columbia (United States) and New South Wales (Australia). Learn More about our Officers, Advisory Board, and Program Committee.


Global Challenges Foundation
World Citizens Association
World Federalist Movement
World Citizens March
Stimson Center
Institute for Global Peace & Sustainable Governance

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